Network Marketing is Like Eating Popcorn at the Movies

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Network Marketing is like Network Marketing

A mentor of mine described how the network marketing industry is like going to the movies: company events are the film, the products are the concessions and the leaders are the celebrities. Distributors pay top dollar for all of these things expecting an experience—an entertaining escape from their normal routine.

We invite them to cruises, conventions and various other group meetings and give them a show. When they go home from the events, they give their friends a personal review and they wait in anticipation for the sequel. There is very little “selling” when people buy popcorn at the movies—it’s just what people do during the movie experience. (Why else would someone buy a $10 tub of buttered popcorn when you can do it for a lot less at home?). They also pay to listen to our scientists, executives and top earners like they are celebrities.

The idea of “experience marketing” should be on the forefront of every network marketing professional’s mind—everyone from marketing, finance, warehouse and call center. Our job is to give distributors a consistent, branded, entertaining experience at every customer touch point.

Think for a moment about the non-traditional places where distributors have an experience with your network marketing company. Is the buying experience on the web site as “experiential” as the product store at convention? Is the on-hold messaging engaging enough so that distributors actually don’t mind to wait? Is the interface in the back office environment fun and captivating?

Experience marketing is much bigger than the marketing department.  Creating a seamless distributor experience starts with senior management. Here’s an easy exercise for executives to evaluate the entertainment factor of each customer touch point in your business:

Think about going to the movies: buying tickets, posters on the wall, smell of the lobby, viewpoint of the theater seat, etc. Now list all the places within your network marketing company where distributors interact with the company.  (Stretch yourself when making this list.  Have your considered everything?)  Now rank each item based on your current strategy to engage people with the brand.  As you go forward, take a balanced approach as you consider each item and who is responsible. Expectations to “wow” distributors take time and possibly some shifted budget.

Creating a company culture like “going to the movies” is a great way to help your company thrive in a world culture that competes heavily for people’s entertainment budget. This kind of analogy can be useful in helping us to understand the challenges of network marketing.

Toby Palmer
MLM Corporate Network, Founder

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MLM Report Card: Shaklee Nutritional Vignette

Shaklee Nutrition Vignette: A+

Shaklee should reward the creative manager over this campaign vignette.  It’s masterfully done. Here’s why:

1. At just over two minutes, the script is neither too long nor too short for people’s ‘digital’ attention span.

2. “This is the problem.  This is the answer.”  Many network marketing companies skip this simple equation.

3. The blurred-out-appocothaery-1950s-science-film style is fresh and visually appealing.

4. Did you notice, Shaklee didn’t even mention their products? The pull to know more is insatiable.

5. Call to action?  Check. GO TO THE DISTRIBUTER.

6. Science and statistics are normally presented without appeal.  Motion graphics are a brilliant way to talk techie without loosing the viewer.

Toby Palmer
MLM Corporate Network

Executive Presentations Do’s and Don’ts with LifeVantage’s Andrea Ramsey

Image of Andrea Ramsey of LifeVantageAndrea Ramsey, Public Relations Manager at LifeVantage shares the basic Do’s and Don’ts of network marketing presentations for corporate executives.


Note: Every corporate network marketing professional is invited to share industry best practices through the MLM Corporate Network.  Contact Toby Palmer at for more information.

Menu of IsaGenix Social Media Discussion Topics

Isagenix social media items in a thumbnail image

IsaGenix is on the forefront of merging cutting-edge technology and network marketing distributor business. The company recently went on the road teaching the importance of incorporating social media and other Web tools in with traditional business methods.  Check out the attached flyer with all the topics they discussed.  

Toby Palmer
MLM Corporate Network

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Vemma’s Convention Design

I LOVE Vemma’s design for their ‘Believe’ 2012 Convention.  The color and flow is exciting and really gives a feeling of vibrancy and excitement (in line with the company’s established brand image). However, I wonder if company executives should have watched Believe the movie before picking that name;)

An image of Vemma's banner

MLM Report Card: FAVAO Web Site

Image of Favao Web SiteFAVAO Web Site: C-

Aaron Garrity
, Chairman of the Board at XANGO tweeted about FAVAO, the company’s new weight loss product. (I love the strategy of pre-order hype.)

The FAVAO site seems a bit empty.  There is welcome text on the right…but the videos don’t seem to speak to the product. The teaser video is simply a studio shot of the company founders.

XANGO, tease us better!  Demonstrate the problem of obesity around the world.  Explain that fad diets are not the solution. Give us testimonials about people who need a straight-forward answer! All of these things can be done even before showing the product.

Unfortunately, even network marketing companies jump the gun with new products. With a bit more marketing planning and execution, pre-launch marketing can create huge buzz and major sales.

Toby Palmer
Founder, MLM Corporate Network

Interview with Jeff Cohen, MonaVie CMO

I had the pleasure of speaking with Jeff Cohen, CMO for MonaVie. Jeff’s unique perspective in the television and movie industry gives him added insight how to move MonaVie into a more mainstream product consumer position.  Jeff discussed the latest MonaVie branding activities, reaching out to a new vein of potential U.S. distributors, and how the company will energize their existing distributors with the “2.0” launch in January 2012.

Toby Palmer
MLM Corporate Network, Founder